Climate Energy

In Portland, a new program encourages the usage of renewable energy

With a new program dubbed “Electrify Everything!” aimed at decarbonizing transportation, homes, and small businesses, the city of Portland is taking more steps to combat climate change. Through competitive pricing on solar panels, heat pumps, chargers, heat pump water heaters, and community solar subscriptions, “Electrify Everything!” will assist Portland citizens in transitioning from fossil fuels to the renewable

Satellites Space

Researchers and app developers have access to Capella’s SAR data

Scientists, nonprofit organizations, application developers, and disaster response organizations will benefit from the synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) data collected by Capella Space’s satellite network, the company stated on September 14. Capella deployed its Open Data Program by offering 60 SAR scenes of locations on every continent, which are high-resolution, including energy and natural resources, agriculture and aquaculture, infrastructure, environmental, maritime, natural

Business Space

Spire makes its first purchase as a public corporation by acquiring exactEarth

Spire Global, a recently listed satellite constellation operator, is buying exactEarth, a Canadian ship-tracking company, in its first big acquisition, raising anticipation of greater space consolidation amid the wave of public corporations. Based in Vienna, Virginia, which has 110 Lemur satellites in the low Earth orbit and offers analysis and data-gathering services in marine and other industries,

Satellites Space

Interoperability is a priority for satellite connectivity leaders

According to connectivity experts participating at Satellite 2021 conference on September 8, more industry collaborations will be critical for decreasing costs and providing customers with a terrestrial-like encounter with satellite broadband. “Probably no one will be able to invest enough resources to have the optimal system,” said Steve Collar, CEO of satellite operator SES, who video

Satellites Space

Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman have invested in a company that intends to refuel satellites in the space

Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, two defense industry giants, have invested in Orbit Fab, which is a San Francisco-centered startup that aims to build gas stations in orbit to refuel satellites and extend their lives; the firms revealed. Orbit Fab wants to develop a fleet of tankers and fuel shuttles that can connect with aged satellites and