How Will the Sports Betting Partnership Change the NHL?

With the recent announcement of the NHL’s partnership with MGM Resorts as their official betting partner, we can reasonably expect to see a few changes to better suit the gambling community.

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Below I will list three things that I expect will change.

Injury Reports

Nothing is more frustrating as a fan than finding out your favorite player is going to miss some time with a “Lower Body Injury.” What does that even mean? Is it a stubbed toe or a fractured tibia?  As you see in the NFL, betting will influence the way teams report their injuries. It would be hard to ask people to risk thousands of dollars, when a high impact player is a “Game Time Decision.” Lineups will have to be submitted an hour in advance of puck drop. Without the lineups being presented in a timely manner, it’s challenging for bettors to make decisions. You can’t expect that bettors to wait till minutes before puck drop to place their bets. If that’s the case, MGM will struggle to profit off of their new partnership with the league.

More Flexible Money Lines

This one is kind of obvious. One thing that I have noticed is that money lines do not change. That is mostly due to the short betting windows that bettors have to get action on each game. This would be likely to change, as this partnership will attract new bettors and influence the lines quite a bit more.


Earlier this season, I recall a random Friday when there were 0 games. This would likely not be allowed to happen when millions of dollars are being bet on the games each night. I suspect we will see a more balanced schedule. No longer will there be guarantees of a 15 game slate on a Saturday night. You will most likely see 4 or 5 those games pushed to Sunday, which has traditionally been a lighter day. I can’t guarantee that there will be more or less back to back games. That depends on how the schedule makers choose to balance the schedule. I don’t believe the players will be willing to give up the holiday break or the bye week, but each of these breaks will likely be shortened.

These are a few items that could change with the new partnership. There will obviously be other things to change, such as the influx of revenue that will add to the salary cap. Let me know in the comments below what you think will change.

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