Chicago Blackhawks: Something’s Gotta Give

At this point in the regular season, the Chicago Blackhawks have a 9-13-5 and are looking for a resurgence. 

It started off as a conversation with my dad just a few days ago. I’ll admit I was a little bit more upset than normal. My favorite hockey team was bad and I was sick and tired of watching my team lose. My father opened up my eyes to a really good and interesting perspective. Up until a couple years ago the Blackhawks never needed someone in the locker room to step up and call players out over performance. But, now more than ever, something has to change. To put it better, something Eddie Olczyk has always said best: something’s gotta give!

It’s no secret, the Chicago Blackhawks will miss the playoffs for a second consecutive season. And I know what you are thinking, what kind of diehard fan of their team rules them out 2 months into the season? Look, the truth is telling your fans that this is a remodel not a rebuild as John McDonough put it or :this is a playoff roster team – Rocky Wirtz is completely asinine and not fair to your fans. The team is 31st in the league in power-play conversions and bottom five in the league in penalty kill. So, why lie to your fans?

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But, back to the question at hand. Who or what is gonna be the thing to turn it around? Is it a 6 am bag skate like in one of my favorite movies, Goon? Or is someone in the locker room going to step up and give an inspirational speech and say “Hey, look we’re one of the worst teams in hockey right now, our true diehard fans can’t stomach much more, we need to be better in all phases. One shift at a time.”

Now, who should be the one to give that speech? Should it be Jonathan Toews (Captain), Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith (Alternate Captains)? Or should it come from one of the other players in the locker room? I’m not trying to speculate here, but in my eyes? It has to be from someone who has been here a long time. However, the bottom line is, something has to change, and when that change happens you are going to see a better team on the ice that you can get excited to watch night in and night out.

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