Carolina Hurricanes: Whalers Night is Very Important

Even though the Carolina Hurricanes game against the Boston Bruins on December 23rd won’t be nationally televised, it’ll still earn enough attention for the Hurricanes to gain respect on a national level with a win.

The Carolina Hurricanes are at a turning point in the franchise. However a majority of hockey fans have yet to realize it due to their lack of national coverage.

General manager Don Waddell inherited a young but talented team when he took over from Ron Francis earlier this year. Waddell certainly hasn’t been afraid to make moves since then either, trading for Dougie Hamilton and Micheal Ferland at the NHL Entry Draft then trading Jeff Skinner to Buffalo; all within his first few months on the job. Adding Andrei Svechnikov, Petr Mrazek and Calvin de Haan in the off-season as well was very beneficial to a struggling franchise.

Despite this turn around from a bottom feeder to a potential playoff team if the team can catch fire at the right time, not many fans around the league are paying attention to the Hurricanes. Whalers night could change this however. It’s a night that will gain a large amount of coverage which can help the Canes in the right situation.

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Whalers night isn’t a normal promotional night. Regardless of who wins, a universal love league-wide for the departed Whalers will make this a big occasion. As a result, the Carolina Hurricanes need to capitalize and use the night to their advantage. It’s an opportunity to get people talking about the team and keep them in the national eye going forward.

The only condition to the night being a benefit rather than a detriment, is a win. The Canes need to win the game against the Boston Bruins if they want to gain respect. The Bruins are a powerhouse in a stacked division and a big stage victory against them could be huge for a young team. Not only would they prove they can beat any team, they’d prove they can win on a big stage.

Not only is the night big for the team as a whole, it can raise individual players statuses as well. Fans know who Andrei Svechnikov is, but most fans around the league likely haven’t seen much from him to this point. A big game from Svechnikov could get him the recognition he deserves for, what has been to this point, a great rookie season.

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