Chicago Blackhawks: Could Duncan Keith Be Traded?

TSN was talking about the possibility of Chicago Blackhawks defenseman, Duncan Keith being traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Do I think the Blackhawks would move Duncan Keith? I think there is a possibility of it happening. Duncan Keith wants to win and currently the Blackhawks have looked awful. This could lead to Keith waiving his No Movement Clause.

Let’s look at Duncan Keith’s stats this season. So far through 37 games, Keith has 0 goals, 16 assists, 50 penalty minutes and a corsi-for percentage (CF%) 51.8. These are decent stats for a 35 year old.

Now the question is, would a team want to take on Keith’s cap hit? 

Per, Keith is under contract till 2022-2023 and carries a 5.54 million USD cap hit.

Even though the 35 year old still has four seasons after this one on his current deal, I could see a team wanting Keith for a playoff push. He provides a veteran presence and is still a good defenseman. He also still provides good defense and decent offense, which is rare for a 35 year old.

Who could be interested in Keith?

I believe that many teams would be interested in him. I’ll name a few here and go over it. The Buffalo Sabres, Toronto Maple Leafs and New York Islanders most likely would be interested in acquiring him.

Buffalo Sabres

First up, we have the Buffalo Sabres. I’d say the probability of him being traded to Buffalo is a 3/10. The Sabres are an up and coming team. Their defense is a little weak, but he can help that. I think he would be a great fit in Buffalo. Buffalo has a lot of cap. I think this could give Buffalo a great chance to make the playoffs and would help them go far.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Secondly, we have the Toronto Maple Leafs. The reason I bring them up is because they were the team mentioned in that TSN video. The probability of getting him being traded to Toronto is a 2/10. The Maple Leafs are a great team. They just need help defensively. I think he would be a great addition. There are a few issues. One, Keith’s cap hit is kinda high for his production and Toronto doesn’t have a lot of cap space.

New York Islanders

Finally, the New York Islanders. Their defense has looked better than last year, but they still need some help. I think Keith could help then a lot. It doesn’t make the most sense, so I’m gonna rate this a 1/10. He could help them get into the playoffs with his playoff experience. He would also be reunited with a few former Blackhawks. His defense would help them a lot.

Stats from: hockey-reference

Featured video: TSN

Featured Image Photo Credit – Nikos Michals 

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