Dallas Stars: Trouble Brewing in Big D

Breaking news today, Dallas Stars CEO Jim Lites goes on a profanity laced tirade about the performance so far of Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin

It started at the Thursday morning skate, when head coach Jim Montgomery told the team he was embarrassed with the team’s practice and their position in the standings. Currently Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin are 57th and 67th respectively in scoring, as Dallas struggles for life in the Western Conference playoff race.

I both agree and disagree with this. I believe it all starts with the captain. You are  supposed to be the leader of the team. Jamie was 3rd in scoring last season, Tyler was 6th. Not to mention Tyler’s 8-year $79 million dollar deal this offseason witch kicks in next season. I get that he’s ticked because they are getting paid a ton of money and not playing like they deserve it, I always say “You got that money for a reason.”

Currently Jamie has 30 points in the 38 games played so far, Tyler has 32. In Jamie’s case I feel bad because he’s 2 seasons removed from an Art Ross trophy. They did both say that they needed to play better. I believe they will. Let’s see if the comments have any affect in the game tomorrow against Detroit and going into 2019.

The part where I disagree is that you can’t do that as an owner or CEO. You can’t call out your players like that. You don’t hear Jerry Jones calling out Dak Prescott or Mark Cuban calling out Dirk Nowitzki. I understand your frustrated but you can do things to change that like make trades or fire people.

Let’s see the fallout from this, and if it affects the Dallas Stars in any way, or if the league might take any action.

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