Who Should The Dallas Stars Face In The Winter Classic

The Dallas Stars will host the 2020 Winter Classic.

In my first post on Puck77, Dallas Stars: Outdoor Hockey In Texas, I talked about the possibility of a Winter Classic in Dallas. At that point, it was just a dream. 

That dream quickly became reality. Yesterday, during the 2nd intermission of the Winter Classic, NHL commissioner, Gary Bettman announced that the Winter Classic would in fact be in Dallas. 


The NHL opted to use the Cotton Bowl (my first choice in my post on Outdoor Hockey In Texas).

The Cotton Bowl is ideal as its the only true outdoor venue in Dallas big enough to host the Winter Classic. It can easily be the 2nd most attended Winter Classic as the Cotton Bowl can hold 90,000 plus. The Cotton Bowl has hosted many teams and events. It was the former home of the Dallas Cowboys. It was also a site for a few matches during the 1994 FIFA World Cup. Plus, it was the home of the Cotton Bowl Classic until the game moved to AT&T Stadium in 2009. 


Per Bettman, while the venue has been confirmed, the opponent is yet to be determined. 

While we wait for the opponent to be confirmed, I wanted to share who would be my top three choices for who the Dallas Stars to play in the Winter Classic. 

My number one choice is the Minnesota Wild. There is quite a bit of history between both teams. The Dallas Stars were previously the Minnesota North Stars. The North Stars left to the Lone Star State in 1993. That left one of the biggest hockey markets in North America without an NHL team. Years later, the NHL brought an expansion team (the Wild) to the Minneapolis-St. Paul market. 

My second choice is the Anaheim Ducks. There is also a lot of history between these two franchises. Dallas used to play in the Pacific Division and had a big rivalry with the Anaheim Ducks. Dallas-Anaheim games have always been thrillers, being both physical and chippy at times. It’s always been a great rivalry and it would be very interesting to see another chapter to the rivalry in a stadium setting.

My third choice is the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Toronto-Dallas games are always entertaining. This season, the Maple Leafs and the Stars split the series. But, both games were thrilling and were intense the whole way through. 


While the opposing team hasn’t been confirmed yet, there is a lot of excitement in the Dallas metro area for the Winter Classic to come to town. Hopefully, we’ll know soon who the Dallas Stars will be facing in the 2020 Winter Classic.

featured image photo credit – Nikos Michals


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