Advanced Hockey Analytics 101

Advanced Analytics are a great way to tell who is a great/underrated player. They are also just good stats in general.

I love using advanced analytics, but there are some that you should use and some that you should not use.

Advanced Analytics You Should Use

My favorites include Corsi (shots on goal, missed shots and blocked shots), Fenwick (shots on goal and missed shots), xGF (expected goals for), QoC (quality of competition), QoT (quality of teammates), p/60 (points per 60 minutes) and GSAA (goals saved against average).

Fenwick is better than Corsi in my opinion but they are both easy ones to follow. You want to have a high Corsi for and a high Fenwick for. You also want a low Corsi and Fenwick against.

xGF is an important stat as well as it shows what the player should have. It can show if they are unlucky or lucky. QoC and QoT are important to see if a player is underrated or overrated by the teammates they play with and the quality of players they play against. P/60 is just showing how many points a player averages for 60 minutes. GSAA is a really good stat to use for goaltenders. The higher the GSAA the better.

Advanced Analytics You Should Be Careful About Using

I know I said you should use Corsi but Fenwick is the superior stat in my opinion. The Carolina Hurricanes, have one if not the best Corsi For in the league but they are still a struggling team. They also have a high Fenwick For, but I believe it tops Corsi For.

Another stat I don’t like to use too much is TOI (time on ice). You should not use it to show how a player is playing sheltered minutes. QoC can also be overvalued so make sure not to always use that as an end all be all for a player being underrated or overrated.

GF% (goals for percentage) is not the best stat to use. It is like +/- which is not a good stat. + For a goal scored by your team and a – for a goal scored by the other team on 5 vs 5 while the player is on the ice. I would recommend staying away from both of these stats.

Good Websites For Advanced Analytics

Hockey-Reference, Corsica and Public Tableau all have advanced stats which are all easy to access. Hockey-Reference and Corsica focus on actual numbers, while some Public Tableau sites focus on percentile of play for a player.

I hope this helped everyone understand important advanced analytics and how they can show great/underrated players.

Special thanks to, DominicBoltsFan

Stats from Hockey-Reference, Corsica and Public Tableau


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