Philadelphia Flyers: Fire Sale In The City Of Brotherly Love?

Philadelphia Flyers

The Philadelphia Flyers are selling!!

According to Tracey Myers of, Chuck Fletcher has labeled only star rookie goaltender Carter Hart and long time captain Claude Giroux as untouchables.

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T-minus four weeks until the February 25 Trade deadline, which means right now is the time of year when teams decide to go crazy, and the first team of 2019 to openly admit it are the Flyers. Although hopeful on making the playoffs, Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher wants to address the team’s future by selling off assets come this deadline. Taking a look at the current Flyers roster, it is not hard to see why Fletcher sees the team that way.

Roster Analysis

Listed below are players on the Flyers roster with expiring contracts and the likelihood of a trade involving that player.


Jori Lehtera (31 Y/0, 27GP-3P, $4.7million)

It appears to be very unlikely that Lehtera is moved

Wayne Simmonds (30 Y/O, 52GP-24P, $3.975mil)

The Flyers will look to sell high on the productive, inexpensive forward.

Michael Raffl (30 Y/O, 38GP-9P, $2.35million)

The Flyers will try to move Raffl, likely to a contender for a late-round pick. Maybe the Flames?

Scott Laughton (24 Y/O, 52GP-19P, $962K)

Laughton is young and has been performing well in the Flyers bottom six this season. An RFA come June, Laughton is unlikely to be moved this deadline.

Travis Konecny (21 Y/O, 52GP-30P, $894K)

Konecny is a phenomenal young player and is very unlikely to be traded.

Philip Varone (28 Y/O, 22GP-2P, $650K)

Varone is an excellent AHL player but has not been able to translate his production to the NHL level. If the Flyers are able to find a taker for Varone at the deadline, they are very likely to accept the deal, although such a scenario is unlikely.

Corban Knight (28 Y/O, 3GP-0P, $650K)

Knight, much like Philip Varone, is a productive AHL forward, but has not performed in limited NHL action. It seems unlikely that Knight will be dealt.


Ivan Provorov (22 Y/O, 52GP-17P, $894K)

A former seventh overall selection in 2015, Provorov is an exceptional player, whom will be the Flyers number one defenseman for a long time. It is highly unlikely that Provorov will be moved.

Travis Sanheim (22 Y/O, 52GP-18P, $863K)

A former first round pick in 2014, Sanheim is a budding NHL defenseman. It is unlikely that he will be traded.

Christian Folin (27 Y/O, 26GP-2P, $800K)

Folin is a depth defenseman, and may be a fit on some third pairings around the league. If the Flyers receive an offer for Folin, they must accept it. Expect a situation similar to that of Joe Morrow from the 2018 trade deadline.


Anthony Stolarz (25 Y/O,10GP-.896SV%, $761K)

Stolarz, a former second round pick in 2012, has NHL potential but may be worth moving when considering injury history and poor statistics.

Mike McKenna (35 Y/O, 11GP-.865%, $700K)

McKenna joined the Flyers as a waiver pick-up from the Vancouver Canucks after being moved the Canucks by the Ottawa Senators along with centre Tom Pyatt for goalie Anders Nilsson and forward Darren Archibald. It seems unlikely that the AHL’s age-less wonder will be moved again.

Brian Elliott (33 Y/O, 14 GP-.911SV%, $2.75mil)

Elliott was the Flyers starting goaltender but has lost that position to rookie Carter Hart as he has been injured since mid-December. Although slated to return before the deadline (according to, it seems unlikely that Elliott will be moved.

Michal Neuvirth (30 Y/O, 7GP-.859SV%, $2.5mil)

Neuvirth, who is also injured, seems unlikely to be moved. Neuvirth has had a couple nightmare seasons in the city of brotherly love and will look to rehab his career come July.

Potential Trades and Targets

Wayne Simmonds

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A January 16 Flyers Nation (@FlyersNation) tweet stated that Darren Dreger believes that Simmonds, if available (which is now confirmed) would warrant a large, multi-asset return. Furthermore, Boston, Tampa Bay, Toronto, Winnipeg, Nashville and Vegas are all in trade talks with the Flyers involving Simmonds. It is now fair to assume that the Toronto Maple Leafs are out of the running, as a January 28 trade sent two of the team’s top prospects and a first round pick to Los Angeles for Jake Muzzin.

Tampa Bay Lightning (1st in the NHL)

The Lightning pose the most favourable option for Simmonds, as the the winger would join a forward core that includes Nikita Kucherov (78P), Steven Stankos (57P), Brayden Point (65P), Tyler Johnson (34P), Yanni Gourde (30P) and J.T Miller (27P). Tampa also has a plentiful prospect system that makes the idea of trading Simmonds even more enticing.

TBL Notable Prospects


Taylor Raddysh (20 Y/O, 40GP-27P AHL, TBL 2nd Round #58 in 2016)

Mitchell Stephens (21 Y/O, 9GP-8P AHL, TBL 2nd Round #33 in 2015)

Alex Barre-Boulet (21 Y/O, 41GP-39P AHL, Undrafted)

Alexei Lipanov (19 Y/O, 40 GP-2P OHL, TBL 3rd Round #76 in 2017)

Cole Guttman (19 Y/O, 23GP-18P NCAA, TBL 6th Round #180 in 2017)

Samuel Walker (19 Y/O, 24GP-18P NCAA, TBL 7th Round #200 in 2017)

Boris Katchouk (20 Y/O, 40GP-17P AHL, TBL 2nd Round #44 in 2016)

Gabriel Fortier (18 Y/O, 48GP-63P QMJHL, TBL 2nd Round #59 in 2018)

Alex Volkov (21 Y/O, 40GP-25P AHL, TBL 2nd Round #48 in 2017)

Jonne Tammela (21 Y/O, 18GP-21P ECHL, TBL 4th Round #118 in 2015)


Cal Foote (20 Y/O, 41GP-17P AHL,TBL 1st Round #14 in 2017)

Matthew Spencer (21 Y/O, 18GP-8P ECHL, TBL 2nd Round #44 in 2015)

Radim Salda (19 Y/O, 29GP-22P QMJHL, TBL 7th Round #2016 in 2018)


G Connor Ingram (21 Y/O, 15GP-.918SV% AHL, TBL 3rd Round #88 in 2016)

Draft Picks

2019 First Round Pick *Conditional on the TBL winning the Stanley Cup*

2020 First Round Pick *Available*

2021 First Round Pick *Available*

Potential Trade

TBL Receives

~ F Wayne Simmonds (30 Y/O, 52GP-24P NHL, $3.975 million)

~G Anthony Stolarz (25 Y/O, 10GP-.896SV% NHL, $761K)

PHI Receives

~ 2020 1st Round Pick *Conditional on TBL resigning Simmonds*

~D Cal Foote (20 Y/O, 41GP-17P AHL, $925K)

~G Connor Ingram (21Y/O, 15GP-.918SV% AHL, $759K)

~D Dan Girardi (34 Y/O, 46GP-12P NHL, $3million) **For Cap Reasons**

The Lightning receive an inexpensive and productive top-six power forward in Simmonds alongside a former second-round pick with NHL in Stolarz.

The Flyers receive a (likely late) first round pick in 2020, conditional on Simmonds resigning with Tampa, as well as the Lightning’s top defensive and goaltending prospects and a veteran ‘cap-dump’ defender in Girardi.

Boston Bruins (12th in the NHL)

Boston poses the most favourable option for the Flyers, as the Bruins sit as the first wildcard spot in the Eastern Conference and are the farthest team outside of the playoffs involved in acquiring Simmonds. Simmonds would become a core piece in Boston, as the Bruins lack of depth scoring has hurt their position in the standings.

BOS Notable Prospects


Trent Frederic (20 Y/O, 37GP-17P AHL, BOS 1st Round #29 in 2016)

Jack Studnicka (19 Y/O, 39GP-49P OHL, BOS 2nd Round #53 in 2017)

Jakub Lauko (18 Y/O, 35GP-30P QMJHL, BOS 3rd Round #77 in 201

Oskar Steen (20 Y/O, 32GP-19P SHL, BOS 6th Round #165 in 2016)

Cedric Pare (20 Y/O, 49GP-36P QMJHL, BOS 6th Round #173 in 2017)

Zach Senyshyn (21 Y/O, 40GP-20P AHL, BOS 1st Round #15 in 2015)


Urho Vaakananinen (20 Y/O, 12GP-7P AHL, BOS 1st Round #18 in 2017)

Jakub Zboril (21 Y/O, 29GP-11P AHL, BOS 1st Round #13 in 2015)


Daniel Vladar (21 Y/O, 19GP-.896SV% AHL, BOS 3rd Round #75 in 2015)

Kyle Keyser (19 Y/O, 31GP-.920SV% OHL, Undrafted)

Draft Picks

2019 First Round Pick *Available*

2020 First Round Pick *Available*

2021 First Round Pick *Available*

Potential Trade

BOS Receives

~F Wayne Simmonds (30 Y/O, 52GP-24P NHL, $3.975 Million)

PHI Receives

~2019 1st Round Pick

~C Jakub Lauko (18 Y/O, 35GP-30P QMJHL, $817K)

~C Chris Wagner (27 Y/O, 47GP-11P NHL, $1.25 Million) *For Cap Reasons*

Boston receives a much needed, inexpensive and productive top-six forward in Simmonds to help bolster the Bruins’ weak depth entering the playoffs.

Philadelphia receives a 2019 first round pick that will likely help them bolster an already impressive prospect pool alongside a productive QMJHL (BIG surprise!!) rookie in Lauko whom, according to ‘Draftin Europe’ is a fantastic skater and has excellent work ethic (a-la Zach Hyman & Connor Brown).

Winnipeg Jets (3rd in the NHL)

Yet another dominant team that is looking to add to an already solid top six forward group, Winnipeg was tied to Derick Brassard rumours since the 2018 trade deadline, however a February 1 trade sent a struggling Brassard (Riley Sheahan and three draft picks) from the Penguins to the Panthers for Nick Bjugstad and Jared McCann seems to have closed that door. Missing out on Brassard two deadlines  in a row certainly hurts, but Simmonds should provide a perfectly sufficient consolation prize.

WPG Notable Prospects


Nathan Smith (20 Y/O, 36GP-32P USHL, WPG 3rd Round #91 2018)

Austin Wong (18 Y/O, 38GP-55P AJHL, WPG 7th Round #215 in 2018)

Kristian Vesalainen (19 Y/O, 24GP-15P KHL, WPG 1st Round #24 in 2017)

Michael Spacek (21 Y/O, 41GP-27P AHL, WPG 4th Round #108 in 2015)


Sami Niku (22 Y/O, 19GP-12P AHL, WPG 7th Round #198 in 2015)

Logan Stanley (20 Y/O, 40GP-10P AHL, WPG 1st Round #18 in 2016)

Luke Green (21 Y/O, 11GP-3P AHL, WPG 3rd Round #79 in 2016)

Leon Gawanke (19 Y/O, 43GP-38P QMJHL, WPG 5th Round #136 in 2017)

Johnny Kovacevic (21 Y/O, 24GP-14P NCAA, WPG 3rd Round #74 in 2017)

Giovanni Vallati (18 Y/O, 48GP-33P OHL, WPG 5th Round #153 in 2018)

Declan Chisholm (19 Y/O, 47GP-36P OHL, WPG 5th Round #150 in 2018)


Mikhail Berdin (20 Y/O,25GP-.916SV% ECHL, WPG 6th Round #157 in 2016)

Eric Comrie (23 Y/O, 30GP-.923SV% AHL, WPG 2nd Round #59 in 2013)

Draft Picks

2019 1st Round Pick *Available*

2020 1st Round Pick *Available*

2021 1st Round Pick *Available*

Potential Trade

WPG Receives

~F Wayne Simmonds (30 Y/O, 52GP-24P NHL, $3.975 Million)

PHI Receives

~2020 1st/2nd Round Pick *Conditional on Simmonds resigning*

~D Giovanni Vallati (18 Y/O, 48GP-33P OHL, Unsigned)

~F Michael Spacek (21 Y/O, 41GP-27P AHL, $850K)

Winnipeg receives a good top-six winger whom most likely will not play in the Jets’ top six but would add to make Winnipeg the team-to-beat in the west.

Philadelphia receives a defensively-oriented defenseman in Vallati whom is good at making breakouts and is a solid positional player. The Flyers also receive a two-way centre prospect in Spacek whom, according to, has excellent offensive upside.

Nashville Predators (6th in the NHL)

The Nashville Predators and Winnipeg Jets are battling it out for the top of the Central Division being 4 points apart in the standings, and the least Predators General Manager David Poile could do is pull a Jim Rutherford and steal a potentially season-altering piece from Kevin Cheveldayoff at the deadline.

NSH Notable Prospects


Rem Pitlick (21 Y/O, 25GP-28P NCAA, NSH 3rd Round Pick #76 in 2016)

Patrick Harper (20 Y/O, 23GP-13P NCAA, NSH 5th Round Pick #138 in 2016)

Jachym Kondelik (19 Y/O, 24GP-22P NCAA, NSH 4th Round #111 in 2018)

Pavel Koltygin (19 Y/O, 44GP-31P QMJHL, NSH 6th Round #176 in 2017)

Eeli Tolvanen (19 Y/O, 29GP-15P AHL, NSH 1st Round #30 in 2017)


Alex Carrier (22 Y/O, 46GP-19P AHL, NSH 4th Round #115 in 2015)

Frederic Allard (21 Y/O, 43GP-23P AHL, NSH 3rd Round #78 in 2016)

Dante Fabbro (20 Y/O, 23GP-21P NCAA, NSH 1st Round #17 in 2016)

David Farrance (19 Y/O, 23GP-14P NCAA, NSH 3rd Round #92 in 2017)


Niclas Westerholm (21 Y/O, 9GP-.915SV% Liiga, Free Agent)

Konstantin Volkov (21 Y/O, 8GP-.928SV% VHL, NSH 6th Round #168 2016)

Karel Vejmelka (22 Y/O, 29GP-.916SV% Czech, NSH 5th Round #145 2015)

Draft Picks

2019 1st Round Pick *Available*

2020 1st round Pick *Available*

2021 1st Round Pick *Available*

Potential Trade

NSH Receives

~F Wayne Simmonds (30 Y/O, 52GP-24P NHL, $3.975 Million)

~F Michael Raffl (30 Y/O, 38GP-9P NHL, $2.35 Million)

PHI Receives

~2019 1st Round Pick

~G Konstantin Volkov (21 Y/O, 8GP-.928SV% VHL, Unsigned)

~D David Farrance (19 Y/O, 23GP-14P NCAA, Unsigned)

Nashville receives a useful top-six winger in Simmonds and a decent depth scoring option in Michael Raffl to help add needed production heading into the playoffs.

Philadelphia receives a first round pick to help add much needed high-quality prospects to the Flyers system. Volkov is a solid goaltender whom is performing well in limited appearances in the KHL’s junior league and may prove to be a good NHL goaltender. David Farrance is a productive offensive piece for Boston University, and has strong skating and stick-handelling skills. Farrance appears to be the more NHL ready prospect in the deal although Volkov is also very promising.

Vegas Golden Knights (11th in the NHL)

Vegas is a solid team that needs depth scoring heading into the playoffs, and may need more pieces than just Simmonds, however the Golden Knights’ cap space is an issue.

VGK Notable Prospects


Cody Glass (19 Y/O, 34GP-64P WHL, VGK 1st Round #6 in 2017)

Jake Leschyshyn (19 Y/O, 48GP-55P WHL, VGK 2nd Round #62 in 2017)

Ben Jones (19 Y/O, 48GP-72P OHL, VGK 7th Round #189 in 2017)

Lucas Elvenes (19 Y/O, 28GP-11P SHL, VGK 5th Round #127 in 2017)

Ivan Morozov (18 Y/O, 16GP-23P MHL, VGK 2nd Round #61 in 2018)

Jack Dugan (20 Y/O, 26GP-26P NCAA, VGK 5th Round #142 in 2017)

Brandon Kruse (19 Y/O, 27GP-29P NCAA, VGK 5th Round #135 in 2018)

Nikita Gusev (26 Y/O, 54GP-71P KHL, TBL 7th Round #202 in 2012)


Xavier Bouchard (18 Y/O, 40GP-30P QMJHL, VGK 6th Round #185 in 2018)

Erik Brannstrom (19 Y/O, 32GP-24P AHL, VGK 1st Round #15 in 2017)

Nic Hague (20 Y/O, 43GP-19P AHL, VGK 2nd Round #34 in 2017)

Zach Whitecloud (22 Y/O, 42GP-19P AHL, Free Agent)


Jordan Kooy (18 Y/O, 16GP-.916SV% OHL, VGK 7th Round #208 in 2018)

Draft Picks

2019 1st Round Pick *Available*

2020 1st Round Pick *Available*

2021 1st Round Pick *Available*

Potential Trade

VGK Receives

~F Wayne Simmonds (30 Y/O, 52GP-24P NHL, $3.975 Million)

~F Michael Raffl (30 Y/O, 38GP-9P NHL, $2.35 Million)

~Maxim Sushko (19 Y/O, 44GP-32P OHL, $804K)

PHI Receives

~2020 1st Round Pick *Conditional on Simmonds resigning*

~D Erik Brannstrom (19 Y/O, 32GP-24P AHL, $1.375 Million)

~F Nikita Gusev (26 Y/O, 54GP-71P KHL, Unsigned)

~2020 3rd Round Pick *Conditional on Raffl resigning*

~D Nick Holden (31 Y/O, 51GP-13P NHL, $2.2 Million) **Cap reasons**

~F Cody Eakin (27 Y/O, 48GP-26P NHL, $3.85 Million) **Cap reasons**

In the most complicated and unrealistic deal for Wayne Simmonds listed, the Vegas Golden Knights acquire the gritty producer along side depth scorer Michael Raffl and prospect Maxim Sushko for a 2020 1st round pick, their best defensive prospect in Brannstrom, an elusive KHL star in Nikita Gusev and solid middle six producer Cody Eakin as well as inconsistent bottom-pairing defenseman in Nick Holden. The Flyers would likely look to flip both Holden and Eakin if possible.

Jakub Voracek

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Voracek, in 578GP with the Flyers has 147G and 334A (481P), is an excellent offensive player with fantastic passing & shooting skills. Voracek’s fantastic production (819GP-615P, 0.75 P/GP career) earned him an eight-year contract that paid the star winger $8.25 million per season in 2015. Originally acquired in a June 2011 trade in which Voracek (CBJ 7th overall pick in 2007), a 2011 1st round pick (#8 Sean Couturier), and a 2011 3rd pick (#68 Nick Cousins) were sent to the Flyers for star centre Jeff Carter (whom was dealt to Los Angeles later that season); Voracek is the second longest tenured Flyers on the current roster (only behind captain Claude Giroux)

Being a long-time star player for the Flyers with a long-term deal, Voracek is immediately more valuable than the less productive Simmonds, warranting multiple first round selections and high-end prospects.

The few teams listed below are only teams that can afford to acquire Voracek

Carolina Hurricanes ($16M Space,15th in NHL)

Carolina is finally approaching playoff contention, a position that the Canes were supposed to be in for at least the past 3 seasons. The January 17 acquisition of scoring winger Nino Niederreiter helped to bolster a relatively weak forward group at the request of owner Tom Dundon. Dundon, whom in December 2018 committed, through hyberbole, to never draft defense due to the Canes’ need to improve their forward group; would love the acquisition of super-star forward Jakub Voracek.

CAR Notable Prospects


Martin Necas (20 Y/O, 37GP-28P AHL, CAR 1st Round #12 in 2017)

Janne Kuokkanen (20 Y/O, 37GP-31P AHL, CAR 2nd Round #43 in 2016)

Aleksi Saarela (22 Y/O, 44GP-35P AHL, NYR 3rd Round #89 in 2015)

Nicolas Roy (21 Y/O, 40GP-27P AHL, CAR 4th Round #96 in 2015)

Morgan Geekie (20 Y/O, 44GP-24P AHL, CAR 3rd Round #67 in 2017)

Jack Drury (18 Y/O, 19GP-17P NCAA, CAR 2nd Round #42 in 2018)

Eetu Luostarinen (20 Y/O, 41GP-27P Liiga, CAR 2nd Round #42 in 2017)

David Cotton (21 Y/O, 24GP-24P NCAA, CAR 6th Round #169 in 2015)

Luke Henman (18 Y/O, 48GP-36P QMJHL, CAR 4th Round #96 in 2018)

Andrei Svechnikov (18 Y/O, 51GP-22P NHL, CAR 1st Round #2 in 2018)

Stelio Mattheos (19 Y/O, 45GP-69P WHL, CAR 3rd Round #73 in 2017)


Jake Bean (20 Y/O, 46GP-29P AHL, CAR 1st Round #13 in 2016)

Adam Fox (20 Y/O, 20GP-27P NCAA, CGY 3rd Round #66 in 2016)


Alex Nedeljkovic (23 Y/O, 32GP-.903SV% AHL, CAR 2nd Round #37 in 2014)

Jeremy Helvig (21 Y/O, 21GP-.917SV% ECHL, CAR 5th Round #134 in 2016)

Jack LaFontaine (21 Y/O, 36GP-.921SV% BCHL, CAR 3rd Round #75 in 2016)

Eetu Makiniemi (19 Y/O, 11GP-.909SV% Mestis, CAR 4th Round #104 2017)

Draft Picks

2019 1st Round Pick *Available*

2020 1st Round Pick *Available*

2021 1st Round Pick *Available*

Potential Trade

CAR Receives 

~F Jakub Voracek (29 Y/O, 52GP-45P NHL, 6YL@$8.25Million)

PHI Receives

~2020 1st Round Pick

~D Jake Bean (20 Y/O, 46GP-29P AHL, 3YL@$863K)

~Eetu Makiniemi (19 Y/O, 11GP-.909SV% Mestis, Unsigned)

~F Jack Drury  (18 Y/O, 19GP-17P NCAA, Unsigned)

~F Stelio Mattheos  (19 Y/O, 45GP-69P WHL, Unsigned)

~F David Cotton (21 Y/O, 24GP-24P NCAA, Unsigned)

Carolina receives a franchise-altering star in Jakub Voracek that will immediately and drastically improve their forward core.

Philadelphia receives a first round selection in 2020 alongside a quick-thinking puck moving defenseman in Jake Bean, a strong two-way producer in Jack Drury, a fast two-way force in Stelio Mattheos, and a strong but inconsistent centre in David Cotton, as well as large goaltender with NHL upside in Eetu Makiniemi.

New Jersey Devils ($12m in Space, 29th NHL)

The Devils are in a complicated situation, being a surprise ‘team-driven’ story in the 2017-18 season to a defensive dumpster fire in the 2018-19 season, their direction is uncertain at this point. However, the Devils have a relatively weak forward core outside of Taylor Hall, Nico Hischier, Marcus Johansson, Kyle Palmieri, and Jesper Bratt; which would be greatly improved with the acquisition of Jakub Voracek.

NJD Notable Prospects


Michael McLeod (20 Y/O, 44GP-27P AHL, NJD 1st Round #12 in 2016)

Brandon Gignac (21 Y/O, 43GP-26P AHL, NJD 3rd Round #80 in 2016)

Jesper Boqvist (20 Y/O, 39GP-26P SHL, NJD 2nd Round #36 in 2017)

Aarne Talvitie (19 Y/O, 17GP-16P NCAA, NJD 6th Round #160 in 2017)

Mitch Hoelscher (19 Y/O, 50GP-33P OHL, NJD 6th Round #172 in 2018)

Mikhail Maltsev (20 Y/O, 29GP-16P VHL, NJD 4th Round #102 in 2016)

Eetu Pakkila (19 Y/O, 44GP-50P Jr. A SM-Liiga, NJD 7th Round #203 in 2018)

Nikita Popugayev (20 Y/O, 9GP-8P MHL, NJD 4th Round #98 in 2017)

Joey Anderson (20 Y/O, 8GP-5P AHL, NJD 3rd Round #73 in 2016)

Marian Studenic (20 Y/O, 40GP-24P AHL, NJD 5th Round #143 in 2017)


Colton White (21 Y/O, 47GP-21P AHL, NJD 4th Round #97 in 2015)

Ty Smith (18 Y/O, 39GP-51P WHL, NJD 1st Round #17 in 2018)

Reilly Walsh (19 Y/O, 20GP-18P NCAA, NJD 3rd Round #81 in 2017)

Jeremy Davies (22 Y/O, 23GP-20P NCAA, NJD 7th Round #192 in 2016)


Mac Blackwood (22 Y/O, 16GP-.912SV% AHL, NJD 2nd Round #42 in 2016)

Akira Schmid (18 Y/O, 15GP-.912SV% USHL, NJD 5th Round #136 in 2018)

Draft Picks

2019 1st Round Pick *Available*

2020 1st Round Pick *Available*

2021 1st Round Pick *Available*

Potential Trade

NJD Receives

~F Jakub Voracek (29 Y/O, 52GP-45P NHL, 6YL@$8.25Million)

~D Roert Hagg (23 Y/O, 52GP-13P NHL, 2YL@$1.15Million)

PHI Receives

~2020 1st Round Pick *Conditional on NJD making the Playoffs in 2020*

~G Akira Schmid (18 Y/O, 15GP-.912SV% USHL, Unsigned)

~F Jesper Boqvist (20 Y/O, 39GP-26P SHL, Unsigned)

~D Reilly Walsh (19 Y/O, 20GP-18P NCAA, Unsigned)

~F Jesper Bratt (20 Y/O, 36GP-20P NHL, 2YL@$825K)

New Jersey acquires a star forward in Voracek and a much needed solid defensively-oriented (although misused) defenseman in Robert Hagg.

The Flyers acquires a quick-moving playmaking winger in Jesper Boqvist, a two-way scoring threat in Jesper Bratt, a smart puck-moving defenseman in Reilly Walsh, and an athletic but troubled goaltender in Akira Schmid. The Flyers also receive a first round pick, but only if the Devils make the playoffs.

Colorado Avalanche ($12M Space, 19th NHL)

Voracek would join an already star-laden forward core in Colorado that includes Nathan MacKinnon (71P, 6th in NHL scoring), Mikko Rantanen (74P, 2nd in NHL scoring), and Gabriel Landeskog (54P, 26th in NHL scoring). Despite the star power on the Avalanche, the next highest scoring forward on Colorado is Carl Soderberg (31P, 110th in NHL scoring), whom is an 56 place drop on the NHL scoring ladder from Landeskog, who is an 48 place drop from MacKinnon. The Avalance need to desperately address depth scoring even more than defense, which is also thin. Voracek would easily eliminate some of the pressure placed on Colorado’s three star players.

COL Notable Prospects


Josh Dickinson (21 Y/O, 15GP-12P ECHL, Free Agent)

Shane Bowers (19 Y/O, 23GP-16P NCAA, OTT 1st Round #28 in 2017)

Brandon Saigeon (20 Y/O, 49GP-74P OHL, COL 5th Round #140 in 2018)

Ty lewis (20 Y/O, 38GP-16P AHL, Free Agent)

Travis Barron (20 Y/O, 12GP-8P ECHL, COL 7th Round #191 in 2016)

Cam Morrison (20 Y/O, 18GP-15P NCAA, COL 2nd Round #40 in 2016)

Martin Kaut (19 Y/O, 37GP-18P AHL, COL 1st Round #16 in 2018)

Logan O’Connor (22 Y/O, 39GP-22P AHL, Free Agent)

Nick Henry (19 Y/O, 50GP-69P WHL, COL 4th Round #94 in 2017)

Denis Smirnov (21 Y/O, 24GP-14P NCAA, COL 6th Round #156 in 2017)


Connor Timmins (20 Y/O,**Injured**, COL 2nd Round #32 in 2017)

Nic Meloche (21 Y/O, 36GP-15P AHL, COL 2nd Round #40 in 2015)

Cale Makar (20 Y/O, 25GP-30P NCAA, COL 1st Round #4 in 2017)


Petr Kvaca (21 Y/O, 15GP-.928SV% Czech2, COL 4th Round #114 in 2017)

Adam Werner (21 Y/O, 19GP-.925SV% SHL, COL 5th Round #131 in 2016)

Shamil Shmakov (19 Y/O, 19GP-.916SV% MHL, COL 7th Round #202 2017)

Draft Picks

2019 1st Round Pick (COL) *Available* (OTT) *Available*

2020 1st Round Pick *Available*

2021 1st Round Pick *Available*

Potential Trade

COL Receives

~F Jakub Voracek (29 Y/O, 52GP-45P NHL, 6YL@$8.25Million)

PHI Receives

~2019 1st Round Pick (COL)

~2020 1st Round Pick

~F Shane Bowers (19 Y/O, 23GP-16P NCAA, Unsigned)

~D Nic Meloche (21 Y/O, 36GP-15P AHL, 2YL@$853K)

Colorado receives the much needed star forward to strengthen their core of star forwards.

Philadelphia receives a reliable, strong yet productive centre in Shane Bowers, a solid and much needed two-way defender in Nicolas Meloche and two first round selections.

Shayne Gostisbehere

Gostisbehere is a fantastic offensive defenseman with excellent puck-handling and individualistic skills. According to, Gostisbehere can provide a superb power-play presence and is an exceptional skater. On June 9 2017, after 142 GP and 85P in the NHL (0.59P/GP), Gostibehere signed a sweetheart 6 Year, $27 million contract that paid the offensive defenseman $4.5 million per season. Such coveted skills and an attractive contract make 25 year-old defender a highly-valued piece.

Vancouver Canucks ($9M Space, 18th in NHL)

Canucks GM Jim Benning recently informed the media that he will not be trading draft picks in order to add immediate help to the Canucks’ roster. This would complicate a deal for Gostisbehere if this deal did not involve the Canucks, whom have some fantastic prospects.

VAN Notable Prospects


Elias Pettersson (20 Y/O, 40GP-45P NHL, VAN 1st Round #5 in 2017)

Adam Gaudette (22 Y/O, 11GP-11P AHL, VAN 5th Round #149 in 2015)

Zack MacEwen (22 Y/O, 46GP-36P AHL, Free Agent)

Tyler Madden (19 Y/O, 21GP-20P NCAA, VAN 3rd Round #68 in 2018)

Jonathan Dahlen (21 Y/O, 43GP-22P AHL, OTT 2nd Round #42 in 2016)

Petrus Palmu (21 Y/O, 15GP-11P Liiga,  VAN 6th Round #181 in 2017)

Will Lockwood (20 Y/O, 26GP-21P NCAA, VAN 3rd Round #64 in 2016)


Olli Juolevi (20 Y/O, 18GP-13P AHL, VAN 1st Round #5 in 2016)

Mitch Eliot (20 Y/O, 49GP-39P OHL, Free Agent)

Quinn Hughes (19 Y/O, 22GP-23P NCAA, VAN 1st Round #7 in 2018)

Matt Brassard (20 Y/O, 46GP-39P OHL, VAN 7th Round #188 in 2017)

Jett Woo (18 Y/O, 43GP-42P WHL, VAN 2nd Round #37 in 2018)


Thatcher Demko (23 Y/O,16GP-.911SV% AHL, VAN 2nd Round #36 in 2014)

Michael DiPietro (19 Y/O, 29GP-.904SV% OHL, VAN 3rd Round #64 in 2017)

Draft Picks

2019 1st Round Pick *Off Limits*

2020 1st Round Pick *Off Limits*

2021 1st Round Pick *Off Limits*

Potential Trade

VAN Receives

~D Shayne Gostisbehere (25 Y/O, 49GP-21P NHL, 4YL@$4.5Million)

PHI Receives

~D Jett Woo (18 Y/O, 43GP-42P WHL, Unsigned)

~F Tyler Madden (19 Y/O, 21GP-20P, Unsigned)

~F Will Lockwood (20 Y/O, 26GP-21P NCAA, Unsigned)

Vancouver acquires a much needed, legitimate top-pairing offensive threat on the backend in Gostisbehere.

Philadelphia acquires a blue chip defensive prospect with excellent skating and two-way skills in Jett Woo alongside a high-threat scoring forward in Tyler Madden and a smooth-skating two way producer with great hands in William Lockwood.

New York Islanders ($9M Space, 5th in NHL)

It seems odd that the Islanders are included on this list, as Isles GM Lou Lamoriello has just the perfect amount of cap-space to trade three second round picks for three fourth line centres as the ultimate combination of deadline mediocrity in one of the longtime Devils’ GM’s trademark moves.

NYI Notable Prospects


Blade Jenkins (18 Y/O, 49GP-44P OHL, NYI 5th Round #134 in 2018)

Michael Dal Colle (22 Y/O, 29GP-28P AHL, NYI 1st Round #5 in 2014)

Otto Koivula (20 Y/O, 44GP-32P AHL, NYI 4th Round #120 in 2016)

Arnaud Durandeau (20 Y/O, 50GP-47P QMJHL, NYI 6th Round #165 2017)

Nick Pastujov (21 Y/O, 27GP-19P NCAA, NYI 7th Round #193 in 2016)

Anatoli Golyshev (23 Y/O, 49GP-35P KHL, NYI 4th Round #95 in 2016)

Josh Ho-Sang (23 Y/O, 35GP-26P AHL, NYI 1st Round #28 in 2014)

Oliver Wahlstrom (18 Y/O, 21GP-12P NCAA, NYI 1st Round #11 in 2018)


Sebastian Aho (22 Y/O, 39GP-29P AHL, NYI 5th Round #139 in 2017)

Mitch Vande Sompel (21 Y/O, 46GP-21P AHL, NYI 3rd Round #82 in 2015)

Parker Wotherspoon (21 Y/O, 44GP-18P AHL, NYI 4th Round #112 in 2015)

Noah Dobson (19 Y/O, 40GP-30P QMJHL, NYI 1st Round #12 in 2018)

Bode Wilde (19 Y/O, 44GP-51P OHL, NYI 2nd Round #41 in 2018)


Jakub Skarek (19 Y/O, 18GP-.917SV% Liiga, NYI 3rd Round #72 in 2018)

Ilya Sorokin (23 Y/O 36GP-.936SV% KHL, NYI 3rd Round #78 in 2014)

Draft Picks

2019 1st Round Pick *Available*

2020 1st Round Pick *Available*

2021 1st round pick *Available*

Potential Trade

NYI Receives

~D Shayne Gostisbehere (25 Y/O, 49GP-21P NHL, 4YL@$4.5Million)

PHI Receives

~2019 1st Round Pick

~D Bode Wilde (19 Y/O, 44GP-51P OHL, 3YL@$792K)

~F Otto Koivula (20 Y/O, 44GP-32P AHL, 3YL@$786K)

~F Blade Jenkins (18 Y/O, 49GP-44P OHL, Unsigned)

The New York Islanders receive a much needed bargain offensive defenseman in Gostisbehere.

The Flyers receive a strong, two-way defenseman in Bode Wilde, a large scoring centre with silky hands in Otto Koivula, and a physical scoring forward in Blade Jenkins as well as a first round selection in 2019.

Montreal Canadiens ($9M Space, 10th in NHL)

The Montreal Canadiens have long been a team that is looking for a left-handed defenseman to play alongside superstar captain Shea Weber. Gostisbehere presents himself as the perfect option for the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge; being an offensive defenseman that can feed passes for Shea Weber to bomb through the net all-day long that also happens to have French heritage (never mind that he was born in Florida).

MTL Notable Prospects


Jesperi Kotkaniemi (18 Y/O, 52GP-24P NHL, MTL 1st Round #3 in 2018)

Jake Evans (22 Y/O, 43GP-26P AHL, MTL 7th Round #207 in 2014)

Daniel Audette (22 Y/O, 42GP-27P AHL, MTL 5th Round #147 in 2014)

Nick Suzuki (19 Y/O, 41GP-60P OHL, VGK 1st Round #13 in 2017)

Hayden Verbeek (21 Y/O, 4GP-3P ECHL, Free Agent)

Ryan Poehling (20 Y/O, 24GP-24P NCAA, MTL 1st Round #25 in 2017)

Joni Ikonen (19 Y/O, 7GP-4P Liiga, MTL 2nd Round #58 in 2017)

Cam Hillis (18 Y/O, 32GP-22P OHL, MTL 3rd Round #66 in 2018)

Allan McShane (18 Y/O, 44GP-46P OHL, MTL 4th Round #97 in 2018)

Samuel Houde (18 Y/O, 48GP-29P QMJHL, MTL 5th Round #133 in 2018)

Cole Fonstad (18 Y/O, 51GP-52P WHL, MTL 5th Round #128 in 2018)

Brett Stapley (19 Y/O, 23GP-17P NCAA, MTL 7th Round #190 in 2018)

Joel Teasdale (19 Y/O, 50GP-58P QMJHL, Free Agent)

Antoine Waked (22 Y/O, 7GP-4P ECHL, Free Agent)

Jesse Ylonen (19 Y/O, 40GP-17P Liiga, MTL 2nd Round #35 in 2018)


Josh Brook (19 Y/O, 39GP-49P WHL, MTL 2nd Round #56 in 2017)

Scott Walford (20 Y/O, 46GP-31P WHL, MTL 3rd Round #68 in 2017)

Jarret Tyszka (19 Y/O, 24GP-16P WHL, MTL 5th Round #149 in 2017)


Michael McNiven (21 Y/O, 16GP-.907SV% AHL, Free Agent)

Cayden Primeau (19 Y/O, 21GP-.921SV% NCAA, MTL 7th Round #199 2017)

Draft Picks

2019 1st Round Pick *Available*

2020 1st Round Pick *Available*

2021 1st Round Pick *Available*

Potential Trade

MTL Receives

~D Shayne Gostisbehere (25 Y/O, 49GP-21P NHL, 4YL@$4.5Million)

PHI Receives

~G Cayden Primeau (19 Y/O, 21GP-.921SV% NCAA, Unsigned)

~D Josh Brook (19 Y/O, 39GP-49P WHL, 3YL@$809K)

~F Nick Suzuki (19 Y/O, 41GP-60P OHL, 3YL@$894K)

~F Allan McShane (18 Y/O, 44GP-46P OHL, Unsigned)

Montreal receives a long-coveted offensive defenseman in Gostisbehere.

Philadelphia receives a potentially number 1 goaltender in Cayden Primeau, a mobile defenseman in Josh Brook, an exceptional playmaker with 1st line potential in Nick Suzuki, and a speedy playmaker with good vision in Allan McShane.


The Philadelphia Flyers have a variety of valuable players that are highly-coveted by the surrounding 30 NHL teams, and seeing the multitude of teams involved or interested in acquiring the Flyers’ star pieces for valuable prospects and draft selections, the 2019 trade deadline is set to be fascinating.

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