Dallas Stars: Esa Lindell’s Razzie Nomination

Dallas Stars

Last night, Dallas Stars defenseman Esa Lindell was caught red handed for embellishment. His embellishment was reminiscent of the types of flops that soccer/futbol fans are accustomed to seeing. His flopping was almost Arjen Robben-like.

In the below GIF from Brady Trettenero, creator of Gino Hard and writer at Canucks Army, you’ll see an exchange between St. Louis Blues defenseman Robert Bortuzzo and Esa Lindell. The exchange happened during the second period of play.

The GIF starts off with Bortuzzo cross-checks Lindell. After Bortuzzo cross-checks Lindell, Lindell falls to the ice. Bortuzzo who is clearly annoyed by Lindell’s embellishment decides to cross-check him two more times. The referees decided to penalize both Lindell and Bortuzzo for the altercation.

Awful Acting By Lindell

Esa Lindell got called out for a very bad acting job. The initial cross-check from Bortuzzo didn’t look that rough. It looked like a normal cross-check, but Lindell who was determined to get a power-play, took a dive to try to land a power-play. His embellishment is truly worth of a Golden Raspberry Award (Razzie). Razzies are traditionally given to actors/actresses/filmmakers for awful acting. 

My Reaction

When I first heard the call, they were talking about a double minor so I thought it was on Bortuzzo. I didn’t think that Lindell was going to get a call. There has been so much embellishment across the NHL that has gone unnoticed. But, the referees made the call and put Lindell in the penalty box.

Later on in the game, Lindell tried it again on the game winning goal by Pat Maroon. Unfortunately for the Stars and their fan base, it seems like Lindell’s got a taste of his own medicine. Evidently, the penalty wasn’t a wake up call, so perhaps the game winning goal by Maroon will teach him a lesson.

Looking back on the sequence and watching all the video clips on Twitter, it was a boneheaded move that most likely cost the Dallas Stars the game.

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Author: Nick Swanson