Josh Tessler – Editor and Founder


Josh Tessler is the Editor and Founder of Puck77. Josh was born in Montreal, Quebec, but has spent most of his childhood and adult-life in the United States. From an early age, Josh had a passion for hockey. He spent a lot of time watching hockey with his grandfather, Sidney Schwartz. His favorite player growing up was Ray Bourque and he’s chosen to honor Bourque by using his number “77” in the blog’s name. Prior to Puck77, Josh wrote for FanSided’s Editor in Leaf (Toronto Maple Leafs blog), SB Nation’s Amazin’ Avenue (New York Mets blog) and Clark University’s The Scarlet.

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Covering – Hockey In General, Boston Bruins, Washington Capitals and Toronto Maple Leafs

Justin Miner – Editor
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Justin is an avid hockey fan and content creator on YouTube at YinzerOnHockey. He grew up in Southern Pennsylvania and remains devoted to the Pittsburgh Penguins. He currently resides in Tampa, Florida and works full-time as a Federal Government employee. Justin has a vivid understanding of hockey analytics and salary cap considerations.

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Covering – Pittsburgh Penguins and Tampa Bay Lightning
Gordon Witt – Editor

Gordon has been an avid hockey fan despite emigrating from Canada to Australia at the age of seven. He has done work as a freelance writer and is currently working on a novel. Be prepared for some dry wit, and in addition to NHL focused articles, some insight into the Australian Ice Hockey League. Yes, that’s right, the league where last season a situation developed where a club chairman argued with opposing players, the players squirted him with water, he poured beer on some fans, and the fans threw a rubbish bin at him.

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Covering – Hockey In General, Los Angeles Kings and Vegas Golden Knights

Ryan Boonstra – Editor


Ryan is passionate about the Edmonton Oilers and hockey in general. Currently, Ryan is a student, but after he graduates, he plans on becoming a journalist. In addition to his work at Puck77, he also is a contributor for FanSided’s Oil On Whyte (an Edmonton Oilers blog).

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Covering – Edmonton Oilers

Christopher Bradley – Editor

Chris has been a life long fan of hockey. Born and raised in southern Ontario, Chris enjoyed a brief junior hockey career as a goalie before moving on and coaching junior for 13 years in the Ontario Hockey Association. Married with 2 kids and a grandchild, Chris studied journalism at Conestoga College in Kitchener, Ontario and has been active writing about the game for several years.

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Covering – Boston Bruins

Nikos Michals – Contributor


Nikos currently works in radio media in Chicago as a producer and as the Host of the Hockey Podcast, “The Bag Skate”. In addition, he does camera work for the NBA G League Team Windy City Bulls. He’s also interning with the USHL and 2017 Clark Cup Champion, Chicago Steel.

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Covering – Hockey In General

Ellie Green – Contributor


Ellie is a hockey lover from the UK who is about to go to school for sports journalism, and intends to become a full time hockey writer after she gets her degree. Alongside being a 24/7 San Jose Sharks fan, Ellie is interested in the NHL draft and prospects playing in Europe. She’s currently a programme contributor for her local hockey team, the Whitley Warriors of the second tier in British ice hockey, whose claim to fame is being the team Mike Babcock was a player coach for, way back when. Her work can also be found on Chasing the Puck, where she covers the San Jose Sharks.

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Covering – Colorado Avalanche and San Jose Sharks

James Hicks III – Contributor


James is a diehard Chicago Blackhawks fan and loves hockey. When he’s not watching his Blackhawks, he can be heard on The Bag Skate Radio Show or you can check out his latest blog posts right here on Puck 77. In addition to his work on the radio and on Puck 77, he enjoys interacting with fans and providing a unique perspective of the NHL.

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Covering – Chicago Blackhawks

Tyler Kuehl – Contributor


Born in Michigan, Tyler was bred in Red Wings home. However, through many trips to Ontario, he developed a love for the Leafs and Canada itself. Tyler does hockey play-by-play around Michigan. As a former player, he can give insight inside the locker room and minds of players. He’ll be covering the Canadian Hockey League, as junior hockey is one of his passions. You can also catch Tyler on his hockey show, The Kuehl Podcast.

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Covering – Ontario Hockey League, Quebec Major Junior Hockey League and Western Hockey League
Joseph St-Amour – Contributor
Joseph was born and raised in Ottawa. He’s been an Ottawa Senators fan since their long awaited return. Joseph will debate hockey with anyone, anywhere and anytime.
@MyHockeyTalks (Twitter)
Covering – Ottawa Senators, Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers
Nicholas Parrott – Contributor
Nicholas was raised in Montreal and disappointed his parents by becoming a diehard Maple Leafs fan despite their best efforts to make a Canadiens fan out of him. He will watch just about any sport that he can find on TV, but hockey will always be his first choice. He has a college degree in journalism and is currently studying history at Concordia University.
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Covering – Entire NHL, Quebec Major Junior Hockey League and Ontario Hockey League
Caylee Rose – Contributor
Caylee is 31 years of age and she lives in the metro Detroit area. Her hometown is Portland, Oregon and that’s where her interest in sports began with the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Mariners. Now, she’s obsessed with all Detroit sports, except the Detroit Pistons. She roots for the Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Lions and Detroit Tigers. She couldn’t give up her love for the Portland Trailblazers and decided to stay loyal to the black and red. She wasn’t exposed to hockey until she moved to the Detroit area when she was 11 years of age. She then began watching the Red Wings and found a love for hockey. Caylee enjoyed watching the Red Wings win their 9th cup in 1998, 10th in 2002, and 11th in 2008. While their top players are retired and the team is young, she still incredibly loyal and is interested in seeing how their rebuild will shake out. 
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Covering – Detroit Red Wings
Josh Walfish – Contributor
Josh is a veteran sports journalist who currently covers the UMass Minutemen for the Daily Hampshire Gazette. He will be contributing insights from the college hockey world on a weekly basis for Puck77.
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Covering – Hockey East (College Hockey)
Alex Hobson – Contributor
Alex is 19 years old and has been living and breathing hockey as long as he can remember. Alex is a massive Toronto Maple Leafs fan. He’ll be bringing prospect content to you guys for Puck77. Alex will be attending Niagara College in the Fall of 2019 for Radio Broadcasting. He’s excited to be a part of the Puck77 team and looks forward bringing our readers with constant my prospect ramblings!
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Covering – Prospects
Cody Rusan – Contributor
Cody is a play by play/colour commentator for University of Windsor Lancer’s Hockey on He’s a lover of hockey, writing, video games and Spider-Man. Cody is a lifelong fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs and his favourite NHLer of all-time is Ed Belfour.
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Covering – Hockey In General

  Dylan Morrow – Contributor

Dylan is a hockey enthusiast, who closely follows the NHL as well as the CHL, Canada’s top Jr. hockey league. He is a die hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan, but doesn’t shy away from discussing & debating other teams and happenings from around the NHL. Dylan played Jr. B hockey in Southern Ontario as goaltender, and currently works with several local hockey teams as a goaltending consultant.  What to expect from Dylan on Puck77:

  • Toronto Maple Leafs centric articles 
  • CHL team & player deep dives
  • Stories from the world of goaltending
  • Other random NHL fun

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Covering – Hockey In General

Angelo Kontogonis – Contributor

Angelo was born and raised in Montreal. He’s been a lifelong Montreal Canadiens fans and began following the team in 1993 when the Habs won the Stanley Cup. Angelo loves hockey in general and watching a good entertaining game. Prior to Puck 77, he was a contributor for, a website for the fans. Angelo enjoyed his time there but felt that it was time for a new challenge.

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Covering – Montreal Canadiens

Stephanie Lasasso – Contributor 

Stephanie is a born and raised Jersey girl, who loves everything hockey. Being raised in Jersey, she has a lot of love for the New Jersey Devils. A busy professional, Stephanie never misses a game and despite the struggles the Devils have faced over the recent years, she is a die hard fan. Having done some freelance writing in the past, Stephanie brings that true Jersey attitude perspective to Puck 77! 

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Covering – New Jersey Devils, New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers

Nick Swanson – Contributor

Nick is based out of Waco, Texas. He’s very passionate about the Dallas Stars. He’s a first time writer and is very much looking forward to sharing his opinion about the Stars. He throughly enjoys watching hockey and football. 

@TripleDStarsfan (Twitter)
Covering – Dallas Stars and Seattle Hockey Team
Salvador Vaughan – Contributor
Salvador is a die hard Maple Leafs fan residing in Toronto. Salvador has a very new-school approach to the game of hockey, so if you’re looking for an old school take you’re not going to find it, you’ll probably find a stat about Travis Dermott’s possession time instead. As an aspiring sports-journalist, he is very excited to join Puck 77 and will be covering all things Toronto Maple Leafs for this site.
@VaughanTavares (Twitter)
Covering – Toronto Maple Leafs
Jeremy Ridgewell – Contributor
Jeremy is a 34 year old Toronto Maple Leafs fan and lives in the Greater Toronto Area. He’s married and has a daughter. When Jeremy isn’t writing, he’s working as a Site Supervisor for Knights on Guard Security.
@Jermz13 (Twitter)
Covering – Toronto Maple Leafs
Brutes Battaglia – Contributor
Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Brutes is an English major at Lakehead University. In addition, Brutes is a Toronto Maple Leafs and Winnipeg Jets fan. He’s am partial to the Leafs, but the Jets have always had a soft spot in his heart, even while they didn’t really exist. In addition, he watches a lot of NFL football (Patriots), MLB baseball (Diehard Red Sox fan), and college basketball (Villanova). Brutes is also a Midget hockey coach, and one half of Laced Up: A Hockey Podcast (@LacedUpPod). 

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Covering – Winnipeg Jets
James Cole – Contributor
James has been playing and watching hockey his entire life. He grew up a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. When he stopped playing, he switched to the coaching world and has been doing so for the past 10 years. As a history major at Lakehead University, James has tried to find a way of incorporating hockey into his writing be it academically or just for others to enjoy. In addition, James co-hosts Laced Up: A Hockey Podcast (@LacedUpPod) with fellow Puck77 contributor, Brutes Battaglia.
@Coachrockhouse (Twitter)
Covering – St. Louis Blues
Kyle Kloiber – Contributor
Kyle Kloiber is a sports journalist and broadcaster who graduated from Western Connecticut State University in 2017 with a Bachelor’s in Communication. Kyle did play-by-play and color commentary for 5 different sports while in college. Kyle is currently working as a co-host, producer, and video editor at Sportsonthego1, a digital radio station based out of Long Island. In addition, Kyle has also written articles for FantasyPros and Fact, Fiction, Fantasy and was an on-air talent and camera worker at Frontier Communications’ Vantage Sports Network in Fairfield, Connecticut. 
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Covering – New York Rangers
Macalem Henley – Contributor
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Mac is 22 years old and was born and raised in Toronto. Despite the tumultuous years of recent history, he has grown up a die-hard fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Leaving home to study History at the University of Ottawa, Mac has remained staunchly loyal to his hometown team, and continues to watch each and every game, enduring the pain that comes with following a team that employs Nikita Zaitsev in their top 4. Aspiring to get into the hockey industry, Mac is excited to be apart of the Puck77 team and to bring his thoughts and opinions on the Leafs to our readers.
@HenleyMac (Twitter)
Covering – Toronto Maple Leafs
Abby Wheeler – Contributor
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Born in North Carolina, Abby is a die-hard fan of the Carolina Hurricanes and avid follower of hockey in general. She is currently still in school but hopes to become a journalist. Whenever possible Abby can probably be found somewhere in PNC Arena yelling and spinning a rally towel over her head.
@abbsgracee (Twitter)
Covering – Carolina Hurricanes
WallMaz – Contributor
WallMaz is a diehard Chicago Blackhawks fan based in the Greater Chicago Area. He’s very interested in prospects and the NHL draft. In addition, he has his own site where he talk about the Chicago Blackhawks and does mock drafts every month. 
@WallMaz35 (Twitter)
Covering – Chicago Blackhawks
Kyle Pereira – Contributor
Kyle is 17 years of age and he plays high school hockey in Lakeville, Massachusetts. He is an aspiring hockey analyst/reporter and an avid fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning.
@TBLReports (Twitter)
Covering – Tampa Bay Lightning
Tony Ferrari – Contributor
Born in Ottawa, Ontario and raised in Windsor, Tony has loved hockey his entire life. Growing up as the lone Maple Leafs fan in a household of Red Wings fans, he followed both teams since he was a child. Having been through Toronto’s rebuild as a fan, Tony is ecstatic to be along for the ride and watch the Wings get back to their glory days. Having previously written about the Detroit Lions, Tony looks forward to bringing you content from the hockey world in a series of deep dive articles and analytical points of view that can help you better understand the little things we don’t all notice because they don’t show up on the stats sheet.
@TheTonyFerrari (Twitter)
Covering – Detroit Red Wings