In Portland, a new program encourages the usage of renewable energy

Climate Energy

With a new program dubbed “Electrify Everything!” aimed at decarbonizing transportation, homes, and small businesses, the city of Portland is taking more steps to combat climate change.

Through competitive pricing on solar panels, heat pumps, chargers, heat pump water heaters, and community solar subscriptions, “Electrify Everything!” will assist Portland citizens in transitioning from fossil fuels to the renewable energy sources.

An RFP process is now underway as city officials look for an energy service firm eager to collaborate. Residents will be able to register for the program in early 2022, according to the plan. “Many individuals want to learn more about sustainable energy, heat pumps, as well as other technologies, yet they don’t know where to begin. It may appear perplexing: there is this rebate and that the rebate; there is this technology and also that technology, and so on,” as per Portland’s sustainability director, Troy Moon. “The ‘Electrify Everything!’ initiative is specifically meant to assist in lowering that barrier.”

Acting now, according to Moon, is critical in the greater battle against climate change. The use of fossil fuels (such as natural gas and oil) to cool and heat buildings accounts for about 60% of the city’s emissions. Transportation accounts for another 30%. Portland City Council has previously proclaimed a state of emergency due to climate change.

Moon hopes that enough individuals will desire to engage in this program that the chosen company will be able to cut its electric appliance purchase and installation pricing. Making green energy accessible to everyone through securing finance is a vital component of this program, allowing low-income people to participate as well. According to Moon, the city has been collaborating on this with Efficiency Maine as well as other agencies.

Moon believes that switching energy resources is worthwhile in the long run, and he is optimistic about the possibilities of “Electrify Everything!”

“Hot water heat pumps and Heat pumps can help consumers save money on heating and cooling their homes. It is currently less expensive than utilizing various alternatives (fossil fuel alternatives), which helps individuals with their daily budget, “Moon said. “It’s also critical from the standpoint of resiliency. Every summer has been the warmest on record, and that trend is only expected to continue.”

Maine’s electric system, according to Moon, is among the cleanest in the country and is getting cleaner. By 2030, renewable energy is predicted to provide around 80% of the state’s electricity. By 2050, that percentage will have risen to 100%.

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