As Bezos faces criticism, new Shepard astronauts gush about their suborbital spaceflight experience


The maiden crewed flight of Blue Origin’s New Shepard suborbital aircraft was lauded by Jeff Bezos and others as better than anticipated. Still, Bezos is facing backlash for spending a portion of his enormous riches on space.

Blue Origin presented Bezos, Mark Bezos, his brother, Oliver Daemen and Wally Funk, their version of astronaut wings in a ceremony a few hours after their quick suborbital launch on July 20. After that, the four reported their ten-minute flight to a height of 107 kilometers.

Jeff Bezos stated, “My hopes were very high, and they were massively exceeded.” That includes both the many minutes of microgravity and the “very profound” view of Earth from the suborbital levels. “It was tremendously exhilarating,” said Mark Bezos, referring to the acceleration experienced during reentry and launch, which culminated at 5 times more the force of gravity during reentry.

After Blue Origin presented a video of the 4 of them strolling around a cabin while in microgravity, Daemen, who is currently the youngest person to journey to space at the age of 18, commented, “It felt way cooler than it looked.”

The 82-year-old Funk, who is now the oldest person to travel to space, was the sole person to express even a smidgeon of dissatisfaction with the trip. “I enjoyed every second of it. “I simply wish it was longer,” she expressed her request. “There wasn’t enough space for all four of us.” The New Shepard cabin can accommodate up to six passengers. “It was fantastic,” she added. It was fantastic. I’m already looking forward to going again.”

Jeff Bezos reaffirmed previous claims made by Blue Origin officials at the ceremony, stating that two additional crewed flights of the New Shepard are planned for the rest of the year. “I’m not sure what we’ll do in the coming year. We’ll sort it out, as well as what the pace will be in the end,” he said. Starting with contestants in the June auction, the business has secretly sold seats for future flights via private sales. He stated, “We’re nearing $100 million in private transactions already, and demand is really high.”

He stressed his ambition to achieve a very high flying rate, necessitating the development of new vehicles with longer lifespans. The vehicle used on July 20 flight was designed to fly 25 times; this was the third time it had flown. He stated, “We’d like to get nearer to 100 than to 25″ flights. “Once it gets close to 100, we’ll go for it.”

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