Fiber to the Home Market: rise in adoption of smart gadgets to drive the market.

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The global Fiber to the Home market size was valued at $4.28 Billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $10.97 Billion by 2028 growing at the CAGR of 12.25% from 2021 to 2028.

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Global Fiber to the Home Drivers:

One of the primary factors driving market growth is an increase in worldwide demand for faster connection speeds and better network infrastructure. Global economic expansion is also a key factor driving FTTH market growth. With governments implementing systems that foster commercial development, such as tax benefits and reduced regulatory overhead, fiber-to-the-home network providers can focus on rapid improvement to existing infrastructure and accelerated enhancement of subscriber connection speeds.

Covid-19 Scenario:

  • Impact on Market Size
  • End-User Trend, Preferences, and Budget Impact
  • Regulatory Framework/Government Policies
  • Key Players Strategy to Tackle Negative Impact
  • Opportunity Window

Global Fiber to the Home Market Segments:

The global Fiber to the Home market is further segmented into Network Architecture, Component, End User, and geography.

●        By Network Architecture: Multi-Mode, Single Mode, Others

●        By Component: Core, Coating, Cable Jacket, Cladding, Others

●        By End-User: Residential, Commercial, Others

Key Region/ Countries Covered

  • North America (US, Canada, Mexico)
  • Europe (Germany, U.K., France, Italy, Russia, Rest of Europe)
  • Asia-Pacific (China, India, Japan, South Korea, Rest of Asia Pacific)
  • Rest of the World (the Middle East & Africa and South America)

The fiber-to-the-home/building market is dominated by the North American region. The main factor that drives the growth in the market is the migration to WFH models. The IT landscape today remains irreversibly changed with companies migrating to new operating models; reassessing IT security architectures; resetting security systems to plug-in digital holes; and adopting innovative remote working technologies.

Key Players of Global Fiber to the Home Market:

  • VI Group
  • AT& T Inc.
  • China telecommunication Corporation
  • China mobile
  • Deutsche Telecom
  • America Movil
  • Verizon Communication
  • Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corporation
  • Telefonica
  • Softbank group corporation


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Key Questions Answered Through The Report:

  • The Impact of COVID-19 on the global market
  • What are the potential opportunities for new entrants in the global market
  • What is the market Size and Forecast from 2020 to 2028?
  • Key Players associated with the global Fiber to the Home Market
  • Value Chain Analysis of Global Fiber to the Home Market
  • What is the CAGR of the global Fiber to the Home Market from 2021 to 2028
  • Major Growth Factor, Challenges, Trends, and Opportunities in the global market
  • Key outcomes of SWOT Analysis

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